On Saturday 21st July 2012, the quiet fishing village of Lyme Regis will see the return of one of the most progressive wakeboarding contests in to UK, challenging the best wakeboarders from across the UK & Europe to jump the huge physical structure of the Harbour Wall, longer and higher than seen in any UK competition.

Starting at 6.30pm on Saturday 21st July Lyme Regis Harbour in the heart of the Jurassic Coast will be the venue to host 14 of the best Wakeboarders from across Europe. In 2011, Sam Carne and Johnny Carne took out 1st and 2nd overall respectively with Dan Nott finishing third in an extremely close competition. All being boat riders they proved that going big over the wall was the key to success, will 2012 be the year for cable riders?

Industry Wakeparks will be building and installing a bespoke ‘wakepark’ especially designed for the harbour which will see 14 of Europes best wakeboarders jumping the Grade 1 listed harbour wall along with performing tricks on a number of custom built features, including the first Quarter Pipe ever to be seen in UK competition.

Don’t expect to see any boats towing the riders – a revolutionary towing system, the Sesitec System 2.0, will tow athletes back and forth across the harbour and extended wakepark features. This event will open one of the busiest weeks of the year in Lyme Regis the RNLI week.

The Red Bull Matadors will fly in for half time entertainment; their display is designed to demonstrate the truly remarkable performance of the Sukhoi aircraft. The two pilots fly their planes in a variety of formation patterns. The display also includes some extreme manoeuvres including the crossovers, where Paul Bonhamme (2009 airrace world Champion) and Steve Jones fly towards each other at a combined speed of 400mph…

We couldn’t bring this amazing event down to Lyme Regis without getting the local community involved and this is why we will be running wakeboarding taster sessions for the local residents and media on the Sunday morning after the event. You can apply for you chance to win a free taster session with the pros here.