Sophie Hogben is an up-and-coming park rider out of Australia. She rips, demonstrated by her second place finish at the second stop of the Wake Park Triple Crown last weekend. Spend a few minutes getting to know Sophie…you’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the future. Photo: Garrett Cortese

Places you’ve traveled:
1) Gothenburg, Sweden
2) Bangkok, Thailand
3) Denmark
4) Vietnam
5) I’m now in the States so it definitely makes the list!

Cable parks that you’ve ridden recently:
1) Cable Ski Cairns
2) Penny cables
3) Thai wake park
4) Bli Bli GoWake cable park
5) TSR

Ways to spend your off season:
1) With my fury mate twitch (my dog)
2) In cairns with my family
3) Fishing at the Great Barrier Reef
4) Riding my bike
5) Working on architecture projects

Goals for the current season:
1) Bring something fresh and new to girls riding
2) Avoid Taco Bell whilst in the states
3) Strengthening my knee so I can get out of this brace, I hate it
4) Stay fit and healthy
5) Have fun and remember the reason I ride is to smile and hang with my friends

Favorite cable riders (in no particular order):
1) Brenton Priestly
2) Mitch Langfield
3) Trevor Bashir
4) Scotty Green
5) Raph

Favorite wake riders (in no particular order):
1) Chris O
2) Brenton
3) Raph
4) Rathy
5) Dean

Ways to pass time on a long flight:
1) Draw
2) Sleep
3) Try to sleep
4) Pretend to sleep so that the old lady next to me doesn’t have the chance to share her life story with me lol
5) Look at my watch, worst idea ever when coming from Australia to the States!

Trends in wake:
1) Attention to detail on rails (not zeaching)
2) Narrow stance short pants, it’s rad that Dylan is so different
3) The increasing focus on rail riding
4) The number of parks popping up all over the world
5) Stalling during tricks


Photo: Garrett Cortese

Cable park features:
1) Any decent height flatbar
2) Cannon rail in cairns
3) Wave kicker at penny
4) Step up at Bli Bli
5) Alps rail at penny