Waternauts is a video project with Alex Aulbach, Marco Gradl, Nico Kauzner and Fabi Ölbaum supported from CTRL Germany and Waketoolz.com. The four riders are showing their skills mainly at the Wakelake.eu where Waketoolz.com has it’s home base as well.

With the support of CTRL Germany and Waketoolz.com, which is managed by Andreas Voss and Ralf Hala, the Waternauts crew is showing their performance on the various features at the Wakelake.eu and the unique System 2.0 with the Unit stair-set with pool.

The riders have rented the cable, as well as the System with the stair-set, every second week for two hours all summer long. In this time they will be showing off their skills with Deniz Klarer and Phil Rhode filming. Every rider will be editing their part, either focusing on sounddesign, tricks or the lifestyle they’re living. Deniz and Phil will be assisting when needed.
Our goal is to have every rider of the crew publish a clip from these sessions through out the summer.

In preparation to these clips, the boys put their nose to the grindstone and filmed a teaser which has already provided a lot of enthusiasm by the first viewers.
Aside from the actual wakeboarding scenery without further ado they rearranged a doctors office into a film set. They filmed a so called „Oneshot“ with the help of some background actors (Caddy Bohn, Linda Aulbach, Änn Will, Kathrin Ostermeier, Sophia Riedl). To give the teaser the right and catchy look they wanted to achieve they worked together with Amy Kempel for the postproduction, VFX and edit. The outcome is really worthy of notice. And if you are interested, you only have to wait a few more days… The Waternauts One-Shot Teaser will be presented here exclusively for the first time.

Our Riders:
Alex Aulbach (Sponsors: Rip Curl, Dragon, Waketoolz, CTRL)
Marco Gradl (Sponsors: CTRL, Waketoolz, Gloryfy, Soöruz, Vitamin Water)
Nico Kauzner (Sponsors: CTRL, Dragon, Soöruz, X-mini, Wild Wake&Ski),
Fabi Ölbaum (Sponsors: Waketoolz, CTRL, ION),

Text: Ralf Hala
Pic: Deniz Klarer