2009 Transcend
One of the most popular shapes in the industry for 2008, has only been made better for 2009.  CWB shaper Doug Cannon teamed with world champion Andrew Adkison to re-design the Transcend for 2009.  It is hard to improve on perfection, but they did again.  With a perfect blend of speed and consistent pop, Andrew tells us we nailed it.  
The Transcend still boasts the industry first fin extensions with the addition of a whole slew of added perks. The board is now a ¼” wider for better speed and more pop. With the “VEE” through tail we have extended the center spine all the way through the tip/tail. This creates a softer landing board with a smoother roll edge to edge. Doug Cannon re-shaped the molded fins, extending the length with a cleaner profile for reduced drag and more traction. The additional center channel allows for more traction and even softer landings.
Andrew says the board “has a surfy smooth feel, very poppy off the wake, with soft and buttery smooth controlled landings.”
CWB continues to be at the forefront of innovation. With the new design the 2009 Transcend is perfect for stomping a world championship pass or trying that first “Superman” to impress the girls in the boat. Make sure you check out the most innovative new board shape of 2009, The Transcend by Andrew Adkison.
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Come see the new Transcend and the many other innovations we have for 2009 at Surf Expo.