Trust your knees to the same braces the pros do – CTI knee braces.

A brace is not a brace, especially when it comes to wakeboarding! Help educate your doctor to get the best brace prescribed to you. Wakeboarders have unique demands and anatomy. CTi features specific design advantages and/or adjustments that can be made to optimize performance for wakeboarding, including:

• A basic frame design that functions well for wakeboarding. The CTi is the only ligament knee brace that captures the tibia, locking down securely on the tibial crest. The rigid upper and lower arms combine with the hinges, condyle pads and straps to properly align the knee joint and provide an accurately-tracking exoskeletal support.

• The upper portion of the CTi brace frame can be flared out to accommodate larger quads (common among wakeboarders) and to reduce rubbing and bruising when landing tricks in deep flexion (squat).

• CTi can be ordered with an Anti-Migration System (AMS) at no additional charge. This comfortable neoprene padding configuration virtually eliminates brace slippage and works well in water.

• CTi has no rigid components across the posterior (back) side of the brace, so you won’t experience pinching or cramping when squatting to load the line or land a trick.

• CTi can be manufactured to be shorter, longer, thicker or thinner based upon your height and weight.

• Non-corrosive materials make the CTi ideal for water sports.

CTi braces are medical grade products, covered by most insurance plans with a doctor’s prescription. Whether custom or off-the-shelf, every CTi ligament brace benefits from the input of medical professionals and feedback from professional wakeboarders. The resulting brace is the perfect blend of support and function, designed to help you rehab and ride safely after a knee injury.