What We Say: Have you ever been thirsty while riding behind the boat? Sure you have. Well the crew at Normile Concepts has the perfect solution; The Candola. Slide your favorite beverage to your friends while they hit the wake.

What They Say: Candola does not promote or recomend the drinking of alcoholic beverages while performing in any of its uses.

If the Candola does not fit the beverage of your choice e-mail me at mike@normileconcepts.com and we will make it for you.
Mission: To keep everyone hydrated.
Products: Candola Slider: A wakeboarding drink delivery system for the rider.

Candola Bandit: The drink holder you can mount almost anywhere. Great for wakeboarding, fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, jet sking, boating, kayaking, snowboarding and many types of motorsports.

The Candola Slider and Bandit also comes in a tall size for the energy drinks.

MSRP for the Sliders
$11.50 for the small
$12.50 for the med.
$13.00 for the lg.

MSRP for the Bandits
$10.50 small
$11.50 med.
$12.00 lg.