Necessity is the mother of invention but authenticity derives from those who’ve innovated and lead the pack. Freestyle lead this revolution back in 1981, when a couple of Free spirited Southern Californian action sport addicts decided to make products with purpose and function for those that were just like them. This is where Freestyle was born, but being born isn’t as important as how you grow through your life and Freestyle grew by always challenging the standards and supporting those who choose to go out and do. We do it for you because you’re free to have your own style but there are no requirements so do so at your own pace.

We don’t just make watches, we create performance timing pieces for those that choose to go out and do, for those that enjoy the outdoors and the active sport lifestyle.

Since 1981 Freestyle has been the true timing leader for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Tried, Tested and proven the world over.

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