We all know Monster Cable for things like iPod FM Transmitters (which I’ve had for year and love) and crazy home audio cables, but now Monster Cable has come out with headphones In-Ear Speakers. I don’t know a bunch about the tech side of headphones but I do know what sounds good in my ears and Monster Jamz In-Ear Speakers blow away the competition without blowing your eardrums (unless you want them to). Bravo Monster! Bravo!


Jamz RRP $119.99

Produces sound with more clarity, detail, accuracy, punch, etc. than their current in-ear headphones.  This product is nearly indestructible.

Jam’n with Jamz

Music is Your Life
You love your tunes. Goin’ to clubs. Goin’ to concerts. And live music is the bomb. If that’s sounds like you, standard headphones just won’t cut it.

Hear Your Favorite Tunes For The First Time
There’s gonna be a huge smile on your face the first time you plug in and listen to your Jamz. We’re talking clarity. Punch. Deep deep bass. Crystal Clear Highs. You’ll hear stuff you never heard before.

Music! In Your Face and Alive!

Biggest Bang for Your Buck
Sound quality like this has never been achieved in an in ear headphone at anywhere near this price. Thanks to new technologies you can have it all. Plus, a beautiful chrome finish not only makes them look like jewels, but it’s scratch resistant so they’ll always look like the day you bought them. You’ll be amazed what you can get for a fraction of the price of other high-end headphones.

Solid for a Reason
These heavyweight gems are solid for a reason. Unlike inexpensive plastic buds, Jamz are made of solid metal that doesn’t resonate, so all you hear is the music, with no artificial resonances that take away from the sound. That’s why the sound is razor sharp and the bass is super tight. Also, these little babies are nearly indestructible.

Music is Our Life
For 30 years, Monster has been on the cutting edge of creating better ways to hear music. It’s always been about the music for us. From the cables, to the speakers, to the headphone materials, we pack a whole lot of knowledge about sound and acoustics into those tiny Jamz.

Extras! Extras!
Let’s not forget about the small details. You get lots of different sized eartips to make sure you get the perfect fit. Super flexible tangle resistant cables. Plus a great carrying pouch to keep your Jamz warm, cozy and lookin’ good.

Life Sounds Better With Jamz
Making Jamz a part of your life is going to be best thing that’s ever happened to you and your music. Jam On!