Reed Hansen by Garrett Cortese

It’s that time of the year again where you haven’t spent enough time on the toilet to finish reading 10.4 and now all the sudden 10.5 is in your mailbox! May we recommend a little more Chipotle and soda in your diet? That should help. Let’s dive in…

The Best and Worst interview features Red Bull team rider JD Webb who fill’s us in on exactly what the Red Bull cap can get you in international territory while Danny Hampson explores time travel with a wild indian in his Reason column. Didn’t the same thing happen in Wayne’s World? Also Ben Greenwood jumps through the hoops of airport security and International travel in Matters.

Flipping further you can find the Reed Hansen Interview which includes the first ever sequence of a frontside big heelflip. Reed is no stranger to new moves on a wakeskate, but this one is just mind bobbling! Also if you want to drive Reed’s Corvette or wear his ponytail both are up for grabs at and Locks of love. Maybe then you’ll have the balls to try that heelflip…

It’s a good issue for Red Hansen. Photo: Bryan Soderlind

Say Hello to Alliance’s first Ever Switch Contest.

Also inside is the first ever Switch Contest by Alliance Wakeboard Magazine. Heavy hitters Josh Palma, Rusty Malinoski, Keith Lyman, Phil Soven and more all battle it out as they ride backwards across the waters of OWC in Orlando. Jeff House took home a stellar $50 for the best switch toeside indy poke and Rusty Malinoski did his fair share of damage overall taking home the grand prize. Other highlights were Oliver Derome’s ride and Adam Errington’s attempted double half cab roll wake to wake.

Adam Errington came super close to sticking this switch Double Half Cab roll…Not.

Finally in The Dustpan McKee and friends throw a curve ball at Nautiques’ new GPS feature as they write their names and draw other interesting pictures across the lake using the live tracking feature. Who would have thought that one day a boat and a lake  would equal the worlds largest etch-o-sketch?