I'm going a little crazy with this one but I have to say it, "I like these girls". There, I said it. I feel a lot better. These girls freaking rock. Still in there teens, Aly, and her younger sister AJ, have been playing and writing there own music for years. With there debut album Into the Rush doing well on the charts, there is no doubt this album, Insomniatic, is going to blow there first CD away. What is Insomniatic? Insomniatic is the state of mind where one becomes addicted to the deprivation of sleep caused by an epic revelation of joy. And that's exactly how I feel after listening to there music. The opener to this album is by far the best on CD, "Potential Breakup Song". But I will never understand how these teenage pop singers know so much about love and break ups. I guess JoJo started this fade. This is still a great CD and I'm sure your girlfriend or ex-girlfriend will own this one.