Fall Out Boy
Folie A Deux

I know what you’re thinking; why are you doing a review on Fall Out Boy? They suck. They’re lame. Their music blows. Blah, blah, blah… Shut your mouth and let me tell you a story. About six years ago a friend of mine gave me a Fall Out Boy CD and said “listen to this, you’ll like it.” Well he was right and I was instantly hooked to the unique sound and lyrics of this band from Chicago. Not long after receiving this CD, I went and watched Fall Out Boy play a show in my hometown at an old shut down movie theater that was turned into a concert hall. There were maybe 20-25 people at the show and that included the five or so friends I had brought with me. FOB killed it of course and I will never forget that show. The point of my story is, these guys have come along way from those 20 person shows and you have to respect that. So give their new album a chance. You might just change your mind about them.