Sometimes I wonder if having a theme record means recording fourteen tracks that all sound the same. Not to worry here. Forgiveness Rock Record by Broken Social Scene has yet again given us a musical journey form one end of the spectrum to the other. Ambient melodies, acoustic jams, electro-pop ditties, screaming rock guitars, male vocals, female vocals, no vocals, it has it all. Check out “All to All”, “Art House Director” and “Water in Hell”. Canada has put out some amazing riders, along with great bands like BSS. Now they have some great music with which to spice up their video sections! If you’re into the pursuit of pure awesomeness, shreddingthegnar, making sick web videos, being recognized by your peers as a real hipster, and/or music that doesn’t suck, then this is a must for your iPod. Or are we back to vinyl collections now? – Scott Schaad

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