Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band
Where The Messengers Meet
Dead Oceans

As much of a mouthful as “Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band” is, this four-piece group from the cold heart of America – Seattle, Washington – consists of songwriter Benjamin Verdos (guitar, vocals), his wife Traci Eggleston (keys, vocals, miscellaneous percussion), Jared Price (bass, guitar, drums, organ), and Benjamin’s 15-year-old brother Marshall, on the drums. Yeah that’s not a typo, Marshall is really 15 and at the release of MSHVB’s debut album he was a true youngster at just 13. Don’t let MSHVB’s touch of youth fool you as the group lines up track after track of alluring lyrics on Where The Messengers Meet. Check out the foot-tapping track “Cadence”, the hip-swinging sounds of “Hurrah”, and the powerfully graceful opener “At Night”.