Meet Wandr Co. — The first women’s specific wakeskate company, brought to you by The Wakebabes. 

Wandr Co. was created as a foundation to support the core group of girls that have been pushing women’s wakeskating for the last several years, otherwise known as The Wakebabes. Spearheaded by two of the leading ladies in the sport, Jen GilanFarr and Tynna Rosero, the goal of Wandr Co. is to encourage the progression and participation in women’s wakeskating worldwide. Wandr Co. & The Wakebabes will work together to produce girls ride days, clinics, and camps to cultivate the growing interest in wakeskating.

Starting off small and dreaming big, Wandr Co. will officially launch the online store with a limited run of boards and soft goods on the Fall Equinox – Tuesday, September 23rd. Boards will be made and sold in small batches as Wandr Co. grows with the demand. New graphics and soft goods will be launched every 6 months, celebrating the Fall and Spring Equinox.

The Wandr Co. line is kicking off with a 38.5” wood wakeskate, handcrafted in West Palm, FL. The first board in the ‘Scientific Studies’ series, the ‘Nectar’, is based on the study of exotic butterflies from all over the world.

“The purpose of the life of every butterfly is to set everything that was once known aside and embrace an entire new way of being. The butterfly guides us on a journey of freedom, freedom from the past through the ascension process of becoming our higher self.” 

—  Presley Love, Universe of Symbolism

Stay tuned for the official launch of wandrco.com on September 23rd!

Support women’s wakeskating and follow The Wakebabes on their adventures and their latest endeavor – Wandr Co.

Wandr Co.


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About The Wakebabes

The Wakebabes are a very dynamic group of ladies that compete together on The Wakeskate Tour, but that’s just where it all started. Outside the tour we are a group of friends that like to dance on water, laugh until we cry, and go on spontaneous adventures. Our passion for wakeskating has brought us together from all over the world. Together we are determined to push women’s wakeskating to a whole new level. Join us on our adventures…


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