As Im sure you’ve heard, Dieter recently picked up a sponsorship from Fox, and is now making those big wakeskate dollars (not really) . With the few extra bucks he realized he might finally be able to afford a boat. So he did. A Super Sport Nautique to be exact and it is quite the glorious machine. I spent the better part of last week on this watercraft, and I must say Dieter is like a kid in a candy store on this thing. Never have I seen anyone have so much fun idleing around a lake at 2mph.   The best part of all, the boat gets pulled around town by Comfy D (pretty much the rad-est van ever). I managed to snap a couple shots while I was out, so check em’. 

  In other news Brandon Mclean just unveiled a new art exhibit over at 47 clothing in downtown Orlando. If your not familiar with Brandon, he is a resident at the projects and a big part of everything that gets done around there. He is also an amazing artist who’s work never ceases to impress me. So if your in the Orlando area definitely go check him out, and head to for more info and sample images of his work.