I'm sure you have seen shots of Kyle Walton and the Homeless crew sliding this ledge before. Well, after I saw a pic of this ledge and I heard it was in Southern Cali I decided to try and find it on Google maps. Surprisingly, I really don't know how, I managed to find a body of water with what looked to have cement around parts of it that you could hit. Sure enough when I got there it was the spot from the magazine.

The set up is a large pond surrounded by grass and a walkway, and then there are business buildings surrounding it on the hills. You sit on a rock to start if you want, then you get pulled about 50-60 feet before approaching a (goofy) frontside cement ledge that is a little over a foot tall and about 20 feet long. The water at the ledge is about shin deep, with cement ground that gradually drops off deeper into sand, if you're lucky enough to make it that far when you fall.

The first couple times my buddies and I went there it was fairly hassle free. We could session it for an hour before leaving or getting kicked out. Then we started to get hassled after getting maybe a hit or two in, or worse, we would wheel the winch down and then have to wheel it back. Because of all the hassles and lack of motivation from people, the spot kind of took a break from us. Then on this past Memorial Day, after waking up with not too much sleep and one too many sodas, I decided that this could be our judgment day. We made our way up, got there, and a chain was up across the driveway leading down. This was a plus from the start — enforcement won't be driving down here today we thought. There were a few dog walkers, but no one to worry about. We managed to session the ledge for about 2 hours before decided to pack it up while we were still ahead. The moral of the story: I think the holidays are the time to winch the spots that you get busted at regularly.