Well I knew after hearing all the fun that everyone was having in Texas at the TFR (Texas Fun Ranch), that I would have to get going that way myself and get some Texas in my blood.  So a crew was assembled consisting of Nick Taylor, Collin Gee, and myself, all set in journey mode to meet up with Clint Tompkins for some winching, winching, and more winching in his home town of Dallas.  This was definitely the most extensive Texas journey I've ever been on, and it was more than I could have ever dreamed of.  Clint is looking to have a gnarly little section in Fun Boots! with all of his many many winch spots he has mapped out, that guy is a winching/wakeskating machine!  The filming was fun, the food was good, and last of all, Don't Mess With Texas.  Check the Fun Boots! blog for more info and stuff (www.fun-boots.blogspot.com)