Can it really be true?  Mark it down: November 3, 2008 as the final day that Fun Boots! will be filmed.  What a journey it has been.  I feel like maybe I should have more to say about it, but right now I just feel relief.  I know we still have a huge load of work to put together, but this is truly cause for celebration.  It is sad to see this go, and I honestly just want to keep filming and filming (everyone keeps getting better!) but it has to stop somewhere, and with us passing the one year mark (I actually have no idea during what part of the last 2 years we started), it is time to graduate from the field and make this dream a reality.  Its been a long and hard road coming, but with the help of family and friends and the dedication of some great wakeskaters we are done with this bad boy and are ready to hit the editing station.  I want to sincerely thank the riders in the video the most right now for their awesome dedication and belief in us, it has been a loooong time (over a year of straight filming with basically no breaks).  I want to thank Keith Lant for being such a bad ass and always having his Fun Boots! tank on everytime I see him.  And thanks to all of you who read this and support us.  Fun Boots! will be really fun and you will probably be dancing like an Eddie Money concert – any decade.  Check our blog and read about the final days.
David Hanson