Marcus approves this rocker

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MSRP: $349

Length: 40.7
Waist width: 15.5
12″ tip and tail

Every once in a while you read a board review from some guy whose never even ridden the board, much less even handled it. I didn’t want to be that guy. I wanted to give this board the full work over before telling you what I thought. I might not be the most talented wakeskater in the world, but I have ridden my share of boards. Feel free to make fun of my lack of skills in the video below, but I think I got a good feel for what the Arson 09 Limited, ridden by Marcus Knox and the rest of the team, was all about.

This was my first chance to ride a board from Arson, the new company no one will shut up about.  I liked the board and think it had a really sick shape. The shape reminds me of the older Kampus decks, with a pretty square tip and tail. I actually like the fact they kept the rail line as straight as possible. The actual concave felt really good too, it’s not abrupt. One issue I did have with it is it dragged quite a bit more than other boards I’ve ridden; but it probably didn’t help that I ride really slowly. I couldn’t narrow down where the drag was coming from, but I would think it would be the rocker and rail edges. Since Nick Dazuat has no problem on it though, I again, could be user error. Also, the board felt a little slippery at some times when you busted the rail free, but it tracts well.

I rode the board around for about 10 minutes and had no problem getting used to it.  Shuvs were effortless and I liked how the board popped up to my feet. Probably the biggest perk of Arson boards is the overall construction is bomb proof. I do not see how you could break this board unless you really wanted to, and then it still might be hard.  The wood core is made from a phoenix tree. I do not know if that’s like the phoenix from Harry Potter’s tree or something, but it has a lot of snap. This board would be great for someone who rides a lot of rails or cable parks.

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