I'll be honest. All of the entries we've gotten just keep getting better and better and it's really, really hard to choose the "best" one. So thanks again to EVERYONE who entered. You've all made me LOL and occasionally ROTFL. But there can only be one winner a week and this week the handle goes to Patrick Wieland in Orlando, who sent in these uses. There's a Liquid Force team handle coming your way!

1. NUMBER 1….. Im going to tie my old handle in a tree and hope that one day a bald eagle or some majestic bird will land on it and sit. So then i will see it and take the most epic picture of this majestic bird sitting on a helium handle with my butter lake in the background.

2. NUMBERO 2. I have a big Doberman dog. He is huge and when ever my girlfriend walks with him he always pulls her around and the leash hurts her hand. So i am going to tie the handle to a rope so shell be able to get two hands on that grip

3. Number 3. The old handle grip is metal i believe its aluminum so im thinking ill go cash that baby in at the local scrap yard so i can get some money to ride

4. Number 4. I might just keep my old handle and put it on another rope so i can then get some up and close film behind the ski while riding. Or ill just ride double.

5. Number 5. I am thinking about going gator hunting. Well reeling in a gator ant no fun. So im thinking ill just tie a huge hook and some chicken with like 50ft of ski rope on that bad boy. When that gator bites im grab the old handle and run like the wind in the opposite direction dragging that bad boy gator out of the water. after that ill tame him and ride him into the sunset.

We've still got one more handle to give away…the Accurate Voodoo ARS Handle. So check the review, realize how much you want it and then use that inspiration to send in your five hilarious uses for your old handle. Check the Win Product section for more info.