Through out this wonderful season I will be writing mini stories accompanied by photos to update the world of the going-ons in my neck of the woods.

About 3 years ago I was introduced to Daniel Doud. He moved to South Lake Tahoe to snowboard in the winter. Eventually the snow melts and fills up what I call my lake, Hidden Lake: a private manmade lake. So in the spring Daniel decided to head down to start the season off with me. He soon brought his friend Kyle Rowe who I now call my roommate! Kyle just got his first shot published in Alliance Wakeboard. Check it out!

Anyways, Kyle came into town a month or so ago with Daniel (before he knew he would be moving here) to build some new rails and shoot some pictures. It was 95 degrees the first day but the last 6 days we encountered snow… yep that’s Reno, Nevada for you.

My crew: Bryce- wakeboarder/fireman, Nolan- surfer/partier, Ross- make anything and ride it/snowboarder, Jason- wakeboarder/painter, Kyle-photographer, Daniel-rider when he comes up, Grant-my best bud, and of course my girlfriend Stormy who pulls me everyday (ladies be on the look out for her bathing suit company… it’s legit) We are the hidden lake locos (plus or minus a name or two). We ride for fun.

Here are a few pictures from a month ago riding. NOTE: we saved the best for the print mag. Sorry