After arriving a good hour and a half late to work on Tuesday I was notified that it was time to go wakeskating. I was tired, hungry, and could have used a cup of coffee, but it was work time. Work on Tuesday meant driving the Nike 6.0 boat, pulling the likes of Silas Thurman, and shooting photos of Brooke Geery. Talk about a headache.

    Silas was up first, he put on a show landing this and that and eventually getting a few shots in the bag. You can check them out sooner or later on the website.

    Next up was wakeskatings queen. Brooke did some junk, and put her skills and face to the test. Watching my my boss’s head slap the water can only be compared to the feeling you get Christmas morning. Moments like those are how I get through the daily grind.

    After driving the boat, taking pictures, and almost enjoying a very short nap under the summer sun you would think my high-stress day is over right? I mean I have obviously worked myself to death if you combine the almost two hours of office work with the two hours of boat driving. Apparently my day had only just started though. It was now my turn to hop into the frigid water and let my face slap the water a few times.

    I’m not a fan of board shorts, I think I look ridiculous in them. So I wear short shorts to the river instead. I popped all eight inches of shorts around my waste and entered the water for the third time in my twenty years of existence. Brooke and Silas thought after my two day career as a wakeskater I was ready to learn shuvs. So I figured hey what the hell I’ll just go for it. Five tries later and bingo bango, showed up the boss lady and got back on the boat. Shuvs are now in my pocket and jumping that wake to wake devil gap crap is in the near future.

    Shortly after my monumental wakeskate session we headed back to docks. Brooke and I drove back to our office and I went home, battered, bruised, and mentally exhausted. Being an intern is a tough job, so before you heckle me think of the countless hours I have to spend on the water or in an air conditioned office.