Photo: Adam Aslanian
Date: August 15, 209
Location: Lake Jessamine
Trick: tail grab ollie north

I managed to convince BT to wake up one morning and shoot with me. I headed over their early just in time to see Kallas arrive in his sweet blue station wagon. We went inside and waited on GD’s arrival. Once he got there I figured it was time to shred, but I was mistaken. First BT had to spin some early morning beats, then Kallas had to shoot the BB gun a couple times, and I of course had to jump on the tramp. After about another 30 minutes of this light wasting activity we finally made it to the boat.

Kallas was shredding. He definitely had a bit of the morning jitters, but it didn’t stop him from doing every three variation in the book along with this tail grabbed ollie north. The kid is really killing it on the water right now. Riding with BT and GD every day is obviously paying off.