I had a chance to head down to the Tige Pro/Am event site tonight to check it out and get in on some winch action with the boys from Active Watersports.  The location is really sick and the lake looks like it’s going to be calm all weekend. There is a small, enclosed swimming area that we placed some tables in to play around on.  It was kind of sketchy though, with these water jets that stood straight up out of the lake bed that if you smashed yourself into, you would be pretty wrecked.  Matt, Andrew and Jared from AWS brought their homemade winch and were putting on a good show for the park goers. Spencer Welch from Wakeside.com came out and shot some photos.  

In other rider news, I heard that Brian Grubb was riding the lake today and was showing that the 65 degree water wasn’t really affecting him since he was throwing down w2w shuvs like they were nothing. I also heard that Stu Shin was out with Zak Stone doing the 99W Gap.  

Pro Wakeskate event is going down at 10 O’clock tomorrow and from the sign up sheet I saw tonight there is only around 14 riders, so it should be some pretty tight heats.  I will have some photos from the event and some of the stuff that went down tomorrow night!