Age: 16
Home: Orlando, FL
Years riding:  I don’t know
Sponsors: Mom and Dad
Boat, PWC or Winch? All
Wake or rails? Rails
Film or photos? Both
Skateboard or wakeboard? Skateboard
Inclines or boxes? I like all rails
Pool gaps or natural winching? Whatever’s fun
Metal or rap? Ew
Coke or Mountain Dew? MD all the way
Atlantic or Gulf? Atlantic
N64 or Xbox360? NINTENDO!!!!
Front shuvs: Mikey Knox or Nick Taylor? Sorry Nick, MIKEY!
Trampoline or Indo board? Trampskating
Sunrise or sunset? Sunset
Pokes or shiftys? Pokes
Tanning salon or mowing the lawn? Oil boy!

I can remember a few years back wakeskating with my cousin Marcus at one of our annual camping trips. It was then that I watched Marcus yell with excitement upon landing his first surface ole 360! It seems these days Marcus shares that same stoke for wakeskating he has always had, but is spending more time above the surface with his flicked, popped and caught high style. Marcus is taking full advantage of his love for wakeskating and can be found spoiling the crew teams glass, right in his backyard on Lake Down, Florida.

Riding with Marcus is something I always look forward to. Hanging out and riding with him is a guaranteed good time. Marcus and his brothers are some of the most exciting people to ride with — when a new trick is landed the whole lake is sure to know as his brother Kevin wears out the boat horn and Charlie has a scream that could shatter the windshield.

Almost everyday I get a call from Marcus hearing about the newest trick he landed, whether it is a new toeside trick or even a backside flip. His progression has been amazing this year and I am confident he will blow me away next time we get to play SKATE. I, however, will not surrender my reining title as Mario Kart Champion.

We will be seeing a lot of Marcus this year as he is now 16 and more mobile then ever before. He’s been venturing around lately discovering the joys of winching and new riding spots. If you ever get the chance, I suggest you get a hold of Marcus and invite him out to ride. Don’t be afraid to ask him for gas money or at least a free waxing as he recently landed his first job working the desk at a tanning salon. I would like to believe Marcus is on deck but chances are he is “probably wakeskating” as his voicemail states.– Kyle McCutcheon


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