Age: 20
Home: Austin, Texas
Years riding: 3
Sponsors: Devotid Wakeskates, Pulldozer Winches, Anarchy Eyewear, Helium Wake and Cobian Sandals
Boat, PWC or Winch? Winch
Wake or sliders? Wake
Film or photos? Film(16mm)
Skateboard or wakeboard? skateboard lol
Inclines  or  boxes? box
Pool gaps or natural  winching? Natural
Metal or rap? Rap
Home or away? Home
Fingerboarding or Tramp Skating? PSH c’mon you’ve seen my fingerboard setup
Mac or PC? Mac
Lake Austin or TSR? Lake Austin or my private winch park

Oury hails from the state of Texas, where everything is bigger.  So when he is riding at Lake Austin, where he calls home, he works intensively to uphold the “everything is bigger” factor.  He’s been on the water most of his life and you can tell that when you see him drop something right off the first start-up roller.  His consistency and power on a wakeskate will make you smile big “Texas style.”  This guy has a whole range of new and old tricks on lock and is stomping newer stuff each set.  Oury has been on a big winching push for about the last year working hard on his first video parts in a couple films coming out next year.  He has also been busting his ass, flying, driving and shredding his way to some of the big pro stops and doing very well along the way.   When Oury isn’t stalking the contest podiums he’s dragging his Pulldozer winch or ski all over Texas and the country.  I mean literally all over the country.  I bet this guy has at least two nick-nacks from every gas station across the US in his bac pack.  Oury is also a huge part of our team here at devotid wakeskates and is the perfect rider to have pushing our company and sport.  He is currently working on his second pro-model bilevel wakeskate for 09.  We cannot thank him enough for all he has done for us and wish him well in 2009.

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