Raging Pull is officially under way. In fact, its now kind of winding down, but its been a great day. At the moment we are taking a little pool party break, yet hear I am blogging away on the website, such sacrifices I make.  In staying true to the live update deal, I thought I’d let those of you that couldn’t make it, in on the happenings around here. There is no official contest, so I don’t really have results to tell you or anything. But I can say there has been lots of epic shredding from people who have never wakeskated before landing ollies down the gap, to seasoned vets pushing our sport to the next level (I thought flip tricks down gaps were supposed to be difficult?). We’ve had some amazing food all day thanks to Ben’s family and friends, as well as some great beats to rock out to thanks to Dj Dan CE ( and Silas).  There are also some great sponsors out here like red bull who had just heard about this event and made sure to send a crew over with free energy drinks for all.  Balzer is killing it on the mike, giving away free stuff to whoever shows the best dance moves, and nick taylor and Kirby are jousting on the rail as I speak, and…. Kirby just lost (sorry Im just trying to be as live as possible with this). It is really just an amazing atmosphere overall around here and Im glad to be a part of it. Wakeskating has really transcended to the nest level this week and its kinda scary just how good some of these kids are. I think in the next year we will start seeing tricks that we never thought possible (like kickflip backlip maybe oooooh). But enough with my inebriated ranting, its been a great time and im sorry to those who missed it. I will post a list of all the tricks that went down along with the riders who landed them soon, first I just gotta find Reed. Until then, you stay classy Bro-Lando….