Its official. Reed Hansen trifecta! story and photos soon.

Cable update: it came down to Nick and Reed. We have no answers yet but the unofficial word is Reed had one heck of a weekend.

I failed. It came down to Reed and Stu. I am posting the story in a minute. We are having technical difficulties with the video but it will be up soon!

Day 2

Aaron Reed vs Reed Hansen

Steven Campbell vs Nick Taylor

Stu shinn vs Brandon thomas

Ben Horan vs Brian grubb

3:30 It was a tight final but we won’t know the winner until Saturday. It could go either way

3:00 Finals Reed Hansen vs Andrew Pastura!

2:19 Final four

Reed Hansen vs Bret little

Andrew Pastura vs nick taylor

The 2008 Toe Jam finals are on! After the first sixteen here are the heats.

Brandon thomas vs Reed Hansen

Bret little vs Aaron Reed

Brian grubb vs Andrew Pastura

Chris kallas vs Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor had the best run in the first round. Aaron Reed was also a highlight. More later!