By Sawyer Davis

Leave it to Kyle Walton to find a spot that is actually the opposite of its name. The Friendship Gap about as friendly as one that kicks you in the shin with a steel toe boot and then helps you in the car to go to the doctor.  Kyle called me one day excited about this new spot in Friendship, AL, a TINY, TINY little place right outside of Tallassee.

“We just need to move rocks out of the landing area and damn it up,” Kyle told me. Simple enough, right?

The spot is under a bridge with a 1 1/2-2ft drop to an angled spillway.  Add a few sandbags, some rocks and it pooled up just deep enough to ollie out of and down in between the rocks.  Even dammed though, the landing area still has some rocks lurking around.  If you miss your trick and slip out, you get up close and personal with some of God’s more exemplary examples of that species of stone.

We went out to this spot as soon as Ben, Tyler, Bobby and Donovan got in to town for a few days of winching.  Tyler hit a few shuvs and was super close to riding his kickys out.  He missed a one of them, slipped left and I swear his hair brushed one of those rocks. Bobby Regan landed some shuv, 3 shuvs and stuck a super ballsy bs 180. Kyle blasted down a switch big spin and a kickflip before the rain and darkness ran us off.   The mosquitoes were kind enough to carry us back to the cars.