In case you missed the latest blog on, Stu Shinn landed a wake to wake backside flip yesterday. Here are all the details from GC himself:

"Stu Shinn is a snap dragon machine. What is a snap dragon, you ask? Well, it's a phrase that is catching on like wildfire (seriously, the forest service is concerned). It's kinda like an extension of "Oh snap!" but way cooler and applicable in way more situations. You can use it in place of "Oh snap," but I prefer to use it in a variety of situations. For example, "Snap dragon this pizza is good!" or "I'm going to snap dragon the snot out of you!" or (when I'm talking crap to 13-year-olds up past their bedtime on Halo) "Snap dragon, I freaking P*WNED you!" or (as was the case with my recent phone conversation with Stu Shinn), "NO WAY! SNAP DRAGON!!!"

Here's how it went in real time.

Stu: "Garrett, guess what I just landed?"

Me: "Something stupid."

Stu: "Backside flip."

Me: "Wake-to-wake?!?"

Stu: "Yep."


No, that is not a misprint, you read that correctly. Say it again out loud, "wake-to-wake backside flip." Now say, "SNAP DRAGON!" There you go. Feels good, doesn't it?

So basically Stu is a freak, and a slayer of all things snap dragon. For more of his snap dragon awesomeness check out the Coming Up Trip to Lake McClure in the newest issue of Alliance. And don't be afraid to spread the snap dragon. It's destiny, really, and is going to happen regardless, so you might as well join in now and be on the cutting edge before it's too late and you're the last one on the cool train to Coolville (like with remote control helicopters or V-necks)."

 Now I am a little mad Stu didn't call me first, but Garrett is off to shoot a sequence of it in the very near future, so look for it in an upcoming issue of Alliance Wakeboard.