"this is how we rage album"

Unless you are at Toe Jam in Canada right now you don't know that I'm not there. But that doesn't mean I can't party with everyone at the bars. Even though I am no where near Wasaga Beach last night I was able to party with the likes of Jimmy Balz Balzer, the Godfather of all things wake Scott Byerly, Arod aka Aaron Reed, Danny Hampson-Dj Dan C E himself, Mr. Reed handsome hansel hair Hansen, R(n)ick N(t)aylor, the 6.0 babysitter Silas Thurman, Grant Roberts (who I met last night at the party), Judge and awesome dude extraordinaire Purdy, The Georgio Effect George Daniels and of course OMG Brooke Geery alond with a bunch of other random lurkers including some girls I was picking up with my dance moves.

Granted I wasn't technically really there, my presence was.. Via video chat. If you have never been to toe jam you should go. Everyone knows that the who's who of wakeskating knows how to party and last night it was in full force, including a Brooke Geery who thinks she is too cool to party with 17 year olds since she is "25".

Anyways I thought I would share some screenshots with all the Alliance Wakeskate viewers so you could feel like you were there too! Don't get too excited video chatting from one side of the continent to the other doesn't provide the best quality screenshot.


ps: Blogs won't us put in captions, so here are the ones Brandon sent

1. Arod and I chatted for a bit.
2. Then he took me out to the dance floor to try and dance with some babes.
3. Purdy jumped in the shot to say hi, we were all very excited.
4. Brooke was telling me how bad she wanted to go home and showed me a photo of her cats that jerry sent her via cellphone.
5. Brooke's not much of a partier anymore cause now she's too "old". She usually goes to bed at like 8, but she was obviously wasted. (i took this picture out cause i looked especially gross)

6. Did you see Dan C E's run in the qualifiers video? Wow he must have ate his wheaties.
7. Group photo with Georgio!
8. Grant Roberts!
9. A party isn't a party without Jimmy Balz
10. Jimmy Balz was tryin to dance with brooke all night, she wasn't feelin it.
11. She finally caved and did a little slow dancing to some fast music. It was kind of awkward to watch.
12. Lurker plus a lurker plus two more lurkers equals lurker cubed.
13. R(n)ick N(t)aylor and grant roberts peeping the new toe jam video on the site while doing a little video chatting.
14. I danced with this chick for a minute.
15. But this one had a nicer ass.
16. Reed handsome hansel hair Hansen agrees.
17. The godfather of badasses says hello.
18. Silas always has the best baseball hat. And mustache. If 6.0 falls through he should become an umpire.
19. After a long night of partying it was time to sign off.