Soorey about slacking on real time results today. Grubby won. Video, photos and story coming soon-ish. For now check the video from yesterday.

Boat final running order

Heat 1 Keaton vs bt

Heat 2 boysen vs Hansen

Heat 3 engen vs Roberts

Heat 4 Campbell vs Taylor

Heat 5 mcmorris vs Hampson

Heat 6 fortenberry vs Shinn

Heat 7 kallas vs Reed

Heat 8 Balzer vs grubb


And the winner iI SBRANDON THOMAS


the final two :

Brandon thomas vs Reed Hansen Round 3

Reed Hansen vs Nick Taylor

Stuart Shinn vs Brandon thomas

Round 2

Keaton vs Reed Hansen

Grant Roberts vs Nick Taylor

Chris kallas vs Stu Shinn

Aaron Reed vs Brandon Thomas It's day 2 of the Canada Toe Jam. The pool gap is full and the start list for the rail contest is decided.Riders get two passes back and forth behind the Seadoo and we will see if anything actually happens on the pool….

Here it is:

heat 1

Keaton Bowlby v Mark Mcmorris

heat 2

Steven Campbell vs Reed Hansen

heat 3

James Balzer vs Grant Taylor

heat 4

Scott Boysen v Nick Taylor

heat 5

Chris Kallas v Danny Hampson

heat 6

Andrew Fortenberry vs Stu Shinn

heat 7

Jeff Engen vs Aaron Reed

heat 8

Brandon Thomas vs Brian Grubb



Toe Jam is underway and here's what we know so far.

It's over. The last spots go to:

Steven Campbell

James Balzer

Nick Taylor

Andrew fortenberry

Brian grubb

Story and photos soon

Moving on so far. Two heats to go

Aaron Reed

Mark mcmorris

Grant Roberts

Jeff engen

Keaton Bowlby

Scott Boysin

Danny Hampson

Brandon Thomas

Stu Shinn

Chris kallas

Reed Hansen

Start list Appreciate how much typing this was on my phone. Heat 1 Mcmorris Mulvaney Gibbons Reed Heat 2 Bailey Oury engen Roberts Heat 3 Boysin Bowlby Gardner Heat 4 Rene Hampson Thomas Heat 5 Hicks Campbell Shinn Heat 6 Kallas Farr Hansen Heat 7 Lecombe Balzer Taylor Heat 8 Enns Fortenberry grubb