top 5 things about the Keys?

1. Family
2. Friends
3. IMB
4. My brother
5. The Ocean

top 5 things about being around forever and still being 21?

1. Feeling old but no longer maturing
2. Having some of my formative years happen in the arms of the wake
3. Living Groundhogs day at all the events
4. Having the opportunity to know all the older guys I looked up to really well
5. Remembering the good old days and now seeing how far things have come. PWT 03-04 magic times

top 5 things about Obscura?

1. Control to push things the right way
2. pretending to be important
3. The team and the power of hazing
4. Making the video
5. Liquid Force homies and their support. Teardrops forever

top 5 things about knowing Aaron Reed?

1. Friend for life who always has got my back
2. He is a great partner in our career endeavors
3. the game
4. two man quarters
5. Everything man, we kill it together. I feel like this whole thing just got a little gay

top 5 wakeskate tricks?

1. Scarecrow
2. wrapped 7s off the kicker at Odubs!!
3. The mousehole
4. You know I love frontside bigspins
5. Anything with one foot

top 5 skateboard tricks?

1. Varial Heel
2. Nollie flip
3. frontside flips
4. Blunt to fakies
5. Five o fakies

top 5 things about surviving a broken neck?

1. Being given a gift from God
2. Appreciating life
3. Realizing life can change quick
4. Trying to treat people better
5. Hopefully learning lessons

top 5 moments with the Cassette crew?

1. Dance party at DVS shoot in Cleremont
2. Trip through the northwest and Cali
3. all of the filming for Sfumato
4. Quarters games at Thomas’s
5. It was all great really hard to narrow it down. Nothing gold can stay

top 5 tracks to DJ?


top 5 things about being Alliance’s rider of the year?

1. Can’t believe I won, huge honor
2. Knowing the moment your career peaked
3. The company of other ROTY’s
4. Having people think I am good enough to deserve that
5. Achieving a life long dream

top 5 future career plans?

1. Make this twilight last for a few more years
2. Obscura
3. The Flip!
4. Twenty Thouand Leagues Under the CE my masterpiece show
5. Theres a Highway

top 5 sights on the drive from the Keys to Orlando?

1. Sbarro Pizza at the rest stop
2. lake Okahelee where the ghosts of greats ride on
3. Sweet Florida outside the window
4. Seeing the Orlando sign on I4 and feeling the city open up her arms and take off her nightgown
5. Passing the spot that Reed tried to manual and rolled head first over thirty feet of cement

top 5 things about Oakley?

1. Best Products
2. Support
3. Team
4. Push Process
5. Matty Swanson

top 5 riders who are older than you?

1. Thomas Horell
2. Aaron Reed
3. Scotty B.
4. I think Ben is like a month older than me so Ben Horan
5. George Daniels, Ross Gardner

top 5 riders who are younger than you?

1. Grant Roberts
2. Travis Doran
3. Andy P.
4. Nick Taylor
5. Stu Shinn and Reed H.