A few weeks ago, I received a small piece of folded cardboard in the mail with a disc inside. I had no clue what it was. So I threw it into my player and took a gander. Turns out it was the Homeless DVD.

After that first viewing, I was totally amazed with the content. Clear Line has come back this year with a very different, yet revolutionary video. If you are just crawling out from your cave, you probably wouldn't know that Homeless is the first 'all winch' video, meaning all riding was pulled only behind a winch.

The highlight of the video (aside from Gore's brief part including a bone breaking faceplant) would be Ben Horan and Brandon Rau's split part. Brandon really showed his talents in this part, trick after trick, rail, drop or any type of obstacle, he has a sick style and he threw down. Ben's riding was as they, say "off the heezy". He truly brought his smooth skateboard style to the water with massive drops and gaps, and incredible rail tricks. He also puts his 'iron' to good use with plenty of unthinkable tricks including a frontside tailslide, to shuv-it out. But the one that sticks out to me was his flawlessly flicked and caught kickflip down a sloped dam.

Kyle Murphy's part is incredible, even though I may not like watching a wakeboarder winch for a full part, Kyle pulled through with amazing style and some very creative lines.  Finally, Walton's closing section is also something to watch out for. Smooth style mixed with huge drops and rails makes for quite an explosive section that really deserved having the honors of "curtains"

In my opinion, this is a very 'core' video, not everybody is going to like it. It has a different style of editing which I enjoyed. But it definitely shows (especially after learning the DVD cases were made by hand from found cardboard) that it is Homeless.