Our own Vince Whiteman has just released "MOVIE" exclusively on Vimeo. That means you can check out his project via your computer whenever you feel like it, and well, we recommend it. We caught up with Vince to get a little more info on MOVIE. 

Why you decided to make Movie?

i decided to make it for an after party at a winch jam this past weekend. My friend running it thought it would be cool to have sort of a mini premiere, it was all for charity so i didn't take it too seriously (hense the name "MOVIE".) But i made sure it looked good, luckily i had good footage and good friends to work with.
Seeing as how most of the footage is already recycled from work I've done, I thought i would just post it online and save on dvd costs and all that bullshit.

Who are the riders involved?

Myself, Scott Boysen, Yan Lecomte, Jono Boysen, Addison Farr, Nathan Legiehn, Kody Mcwilliams, Brandon Rau, Nick Taylor, Chris Kallas, and a bunch of dudes from Wakestock.

Anything else you'd like people to know about it?

I dunno, prolly not, it's not that big of a deal:)

So we'd embed it here but we're not that hightech. Just check out MOVIE from Vince Whiteman on Vimeo. And while you are at it, check out Vince's blog.