Wakeskate P.I. is supposed to be an investigative unit. Usually it’s not, probably lack of trying or just lack of finding good things to investigate. Well this new issue is going to stir the pot. I have a new coauthor, James Balzer, here with me and we have been digging deep, real deep. Deeper than the fuzz looking for a methlab. Here’s what we found.
James: Well it wasn’t to long ago I was at the World Championships and I noticed, nonchalantly, that there was only three women entered into the pro womens wakeskating division.

Silas: So you’re saying James, that even if you took last, you would be third in the world? And you could claim that to sponsors?”

James: Ain’t that the truth

Silas: Pert’ ‘near

James: What I’m trying to get at here is that the rest of the female wakeskate industry is not stepping up to the plate.

Silas: James, I think we need to start our own list of women pro wakeskaters, break it down, sort of like the top ten and then we’ll let other women in when they prove themselves.

James: Well I can’t think of ten pro women wakeskaters so let’s just start this list and see where it goes.

Silas: This is in no order James, and if any other riders think they should be on this list they better let us know and maybe even put a video on Youtube or something like that.

James: Remember ladies we’re not saying take third at some contest when there’s no one else at the contest. Just look good riding a wakeskate like some of these ladies that we name.

Silas: If there are any underground girls out there we want to see your videos and we want to get all the good ladies out there.


1. Jen Gilanfar
2. Steph Wamsley
3. Rene Jaquess
4. Bethany Henderson
5. Melissa Marquardt
6. Savannah Barber
7. Megan McNeil

Injured List: Steph Tor

Silas: Damn that’s a short list!

James: Send us some emails lets fill this list up ladies!

Wakeskate P.I. protect and serve…