We at Alliance Wakeskate love the Berrics. I mean, we love it almost as much as if it was about wakeskating and/or if we ran it ourselves. I'll even admit we try to emulate its randomness, frequent updates and general awesomeness. And you know, Nick Taylor has a profile, so it must be cool!

The reason I bring this up now it because our own Vince Whiteman just got some love on the Berrics for, ready for this, a wakeskate video! Check the link, he entered a wakeskate video in the Bang Yourself Skate video contest and got recognized. That's pretty damn cool if you ask me. http://theberrics.com/dailyopspost.php?postid=498

If you can't be bothered with scrolling down to find Vince's name, check out his video here. http://my.theberrics.com/video/video/show?id=2248481:Video:91187

So congratulations Vince, winner of the coveted Per Welinder Wakeskate Award on the Berrics! Remember how you thought everyone was going to hate on you? Well, thanks for showing skateboarders how cool wakeskating is.