Well if you didn’t get the title, this weekend is the 2008 Surf Expo. This year we the wakeskate world will have a few more booths to visit, since Sattelyte Wakeskates and Integrity-Wake will be joining in on the fun. Going along with that, there will be 2 booth holders from last year that will be worth checking out this year: O’Brien and CWB are companies are breaking into the wakeskate scene full throttle with upcoming concave releases. Don’t forget to stop by the Alliance booth and check out the teaser premier for Fun-Boots which is probably one of the most anticipated wakeskate videos of the year. The show starts today so all you kids go beg your parents for 100 bucks for a pass if you haven’t already. There might even be a cameo by a certain wakeskate visionary from the south. You’ll have to go and see for yourself. But if you can't make it, well, you know AWS will be there reporting on all the magic.

For the 2nd year in a row Scott Byerly has been kind enough to allow wild cards to compete in the Final at the last stop of the Toe Jam. Wildcards are shredders who didn’t win any events all year but are shred worthy enough to skate for one last shot at glory. This year the wildcard picks are Ross Gardner, James Balzer and Southside Steven Campbell. All 3 of these guys have shown that they are more than exceptional wakeskaters and deserve another shot at a title. Good luck bros!!!!!!

    Correct Craft announced that they will be making 73 of the Byerly Icon Edition Super Air Nautique 210 boats to be sold to the public this year. This boat is completely decked out with features made specifically for wakeskate Godfather Scott Byerly. Nautiques decided to go with 73 boats to make because of Mr. Byerly’s birth year being 1973. Good thing he is not a girl, because that would make it really hard to lie about his age.  

This past May there was an epic event held in Nahunta, Georgia. A winching brodown of sorts, held by Nike 6.0, called Raging Pull. This event wasn’t for anyone but the riders who were there. There was no corporate agenda or big TV coverage or contest for that matter. It was an event that was purely for the purpose of pushing and progressing wakeskating. On October the 11th, Nike 6.0 will bring this epic event down to Florida for Raging Pull 2. If you missed the last one for whatever reason I would suggest not missing this one. Lake Placid will be the site and mark my words this fun fest will be talked about for the rest of the year (or at least until the next stop happens). If you are a wakeskater fly, bike, hitch, winch, trek, or skip whatever you are into and make it down for this one.  Don’t Miss It!!!!