When I sat down to watch 420 Films’ new movie We’re Just Skiing I didn’t know what to expect.  I enjoy watching winch riding but I figured it would be hard to make a good movie that focused solely on winching.  I could not have been more wrong.  This is one of the coolest movies I have seen in a while.  We’re Just Skiing captures some up and comers absolutely destroying some of nature’s most perfect riding spots.  From spillways and streams to oceans and grass hills, these riders stomped their tricks on every kind of terrain you could imagine.  The riders were able to make the smallest gaps and spillways look as cool as some of the huge ledges and obstacles.  There were very few man made obstacles in the film, and the majority of the riding was done in natural settings, part of what made this movie so unique.  Aside from all the main sections, there was a good “friends” part and one of the best collaboration of falls I have ever seen.  The soundtrack just enhanced the riding and had me singing along to many of the beats, including one of my all time favorite songs, Bob Dylan’s “Hurricane.”  For those of you that are like me and have always been curious as to how riders get to some of these crazy winch spots, there is a little demonstration of how it is done.  I won’t give it away, but it involves jumping a curb in your car while driving on a busy main street.  We’re Just Skiing is one of those films that you could watch over and over because it is so different from most of the films we have seen, I know I found myself rewinding the movie constantly.  My favorite section was Vinny Knapp’s.  He absolutely kills it and really gets creative with how he hits different terrain.  The coolest thing is that he wakeboards and wakeskates with the same smooth style.  With all the big name films that have been released lately, We’re Just Skiing flew under the radar but is a can’t miss movie.   

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