1993 Mastercraft Pro-wakeskate 190.
Cost – Blagged
Mk II Monkey Wench. Cost – Blagged again!

In the North of England people are really proud. They like to do things their own way and make the most out of everything. Lee Warren is a wakeskater/family man with little money but a lot of drive. Up in the tiny coastal town of Haverigg, Cumbria he managed to blag himself not just a winch but a boat too. The Custom Pro-Wakeskate 190 is a beauty of a pulling machine with a stereo system and sub woofer that will make you hurl, and lip that will make you have a trouser accident. The details on how and why Lee gets to ride it are a little hazy, something to do with a retired bloke called Jeff and his wife who wakeskates barefoot through winter at 7am. That's dedication.

Like any boat however, this one can be 'inconsistent' when you want to use it. So for when the gearbox has fallen out or if it's just windy, Lee's got a hold of the prototype Monkey Wench winch made by fellow northern monkey, Andy 'Buz' Burrows at the end of 2005. This 9-horse beast with a centrifugal clutch has been pulling perfectly for years now and provides the monkeys with ample water time, especially since there was a speed limit put on nearby Lake Windermere, the most popular watersports lake in the UK.

If you're ever in the UK and want to go visit Lee for a whip around the lake on the Pro-Wakeskate, he'd love to have you. And if you can make a good cup of tea you might even ride for free.