If you haven't heard we've got a pretty sick giveaway going on right now. Here are all the details:

George Daniels is a legacy in the wakeskating world. Throughout his five-year career Daniels has made countless milestones on the water. With an industry shaking part in last year’s movie of the year, Push Process, George has shown he is here to stay. Only five months out of knee surgery he is already back out on the water and setting the world on fire. Like a true cowboy George has jumped back on the saddle and is making the bronco dance like only he can. To celebrate his triumphant return to the rodeo Oakley has decided to give away a pair of George’s favorite shades, Jupiter.

While you may never have George’s style on the water you can gain a little bit of his landlocked swagger by answering these questions about the all American beefcake. George always cheated on tests and you can as well by watching his part in Push Process and viewing his bio on Oakley.com/wake where you will find all the answers to these questions. Turn up the country and try your best.

What was the first trick George landed in his Push Process part?   

What was the name of the band in George's section in Push Process? 

What was the last trick George landed in his push process part? 

How many different variations of flip tricks does George land in his part? 

What style of Oakley’s is George wearing with the violet Iridium lenses in his part?
When was George born? 

What year did George make the cover of Alliance? 

What is the biggest fish George has ever caught? 

What year was George the World Champion?


Now email your answers with your NAME AND ADDRESS to brooke@alliancewake.com. A winner will be selected at random from all correct entries received by April 13, 2009.