I didn't forget Wednesday this week so here goes. The winner of the Gator Vertigo EVA molded handle is Cliff Chiaffredo or Bradenton, FL. Since there is a good chance Cliff will go pro, being from Bradenton and all, this way we can claim we helped him way back when. No but seriously, his answers were funny. Here ya go.

1. Give it to a homeless person so they can enjoy the sport of wakeskating just like i do. Now they only have to get a boat, skate, and some shoes(if they don't already have them)
2. Give it to a kid who has cancer. even though he wouldn't really be able to use it.
3. Keep it under the seat of my truck as a tool of protection against squirrels and crackheads.
4. Tie it to a tree over a lake and make a giant rope swing. this will help with grip strength too.
5. make a extremely large keychain out of it, that way i would rarely lose my keys

 So Congrats to Cliff, your handle is on it's way. Choosing a winner is hard, and so congrats also go out to Cary Kalamajka, who sent me cute pictures of babies holding handles. There is an Alliance Wakeskate shirt on its way for you (i know it's not a handle, but there's still next week…)

Speaking of next week, we've got the LF Team Handle boxed up and ready to go. So send in your five uses and maybe it could be yours. Check the Win Product link for more info. Thanks to everyone who's entered and thanks for reading Alliancewakeskate.com