Surefire signs that you are really, truly addicted to wakeskating.

Remember Jeff Foxworthy? Well a bunch of kids on the Wakeskating.com message board sure do, and they stole his joke and applied it to wakeskating. Well we decided to steal our favorites and put them on this site, so…

You know you're a wakeskater…

…when you see a video of flooded areas on TV and the first thing you think is how sick it would be to take a run behind a jetski through the streets.

… when your Techdeck doesn’t have any trucks on it.

…when you want to put a tower on a fishing boat.

…when you meet a chick and the first thing you notice is her shoes and how well they would drain.

…when you put more gas into your boat then your car.

…when you have dreams about Thomas Horrell.

… when people ask you where you got your scabs and you have to explain to them what grip burn is.

… when you every pond fountain or small water way appears to be the perfect spot to winch.

… when you're in line at the cafeteria, and you notice the 'wet floor' sign and begin wishing you had your winch with you.

… when you’re driving around looking for any little bit of open water that’s not totally frozen….so you can winch.

…when your main pick-up line is "so…. you should come out on the boat sometime."

…if you’ve ever gone to school in soaking wet shoes.

…if you have a lip ring.