Industry Wake Parks have had a crazy busy year installing System 2.0’s and obstacles all over the place, opening new wake parks and hosting events like Wakestock and RedBull Harbour Reach. To top off our year we thought we would end in it style and prolong the wake season by running the first ever Industry Grassroots Tour!

We love running all the big events and opening new wake parks but we will never forget our roots, our heritage and where we came from. Along time ago all the Industry crew learnt to wakeboard for the first time, entered their first competition or hit their first obstacle. The grassroots of our sport are one of the most important aspects and can’t be overlooked. We love to teach new people and we want to help new riders develop their skills and fall in love with wakeboarding as much as our team has done.

In late summer of 2012 Industry Wake Parks will be giving back some love to our sport and will be running a grassroots Tour around the UK. The tour is aimed at anyone from a first timer to a seasoned pro, it is all about having fun, progressing your riding and developing a community spirit at each wake park.

Each Grass Roots event is held over a full day and kicks off at about 9 or 10am. Until mid afternoon it is free riding on the Seistec cables with a few pro demos mixed in and pro coaching on hand to help improve rider’s skills. All the people who enter are encouraged to ride as much as possible all morning and it is great for growing the local community vibe at the park. Once mid afternoon comes all the riders get split into various divisions and the comp starts. In the comp each rider gets 3 passes with unlimited falls to impress the judges. The divisions are aimed at the first timer to the seasoned pro.
There are loads of prizes to hand out and there is an official prize giving after each competition finishes. Depending on each wake parks location an after party will be planned!

Overall Champions
At the end of the season we will add up all the results and have an overall winner for each division. The overall points will be based on a rider’s best 4 stops. So if you’re serious about winning overall you only need to enter 4 of the stops. The tour finals will be at the Welsh Open at Glasfryn Parc on the 3rd November and we will crown the overall champions at that stop!

Dates & Venues
Stop 2 – Wake Up Docklands – Saturday 29th September
Stop 3 – South Coast H20 – Sunday 30th September
Stop 4 – Hove Lagoon – Saturday 20th September
Stop 5 – Foxlake – Saturday 20th September
Stop 6 – Just Wake – Saturday 27th October
Stop 7 – Club Wake Park – Sunday 28th October
Stop 8 – Welsh Open at Glasfryn Wake Park – Saturday 3rd November

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