Last weekend saw the return of King of Cable, which was absent from last years event calendar. This year the competition was back with a vengeance, supported by Mystic and Hyperlite, Princes wanted to make the season go out with a bang!

Saturday night saw the Mystic Pre Party, a huge night of fancy dress, that went on into the very early hours that would most definitely sort the men from the boys in tomorrow competition. The Pros had it easy they weren’t riding until the evening, but for the Novices who were first up in the morning, that last Jager bomb might have been a mistake!

On to the competition, and despite the miserable weather and a collection of epic hangovers the Novices and U16s kicked things off with plenty entries to each category and some hard riding. Liam Peacock especially deserves a mention, he landed his first double S the day before and was desperate to land it in the competition! He took a few slams which kept him off the podium but such a massive trick for someone so young is incredible!

The Kneeboard Jam is always one of the more fun parts of the event, with some sights you would never expect to see, watching Mikey Bland lipslide the kneeboard across the rooftop, pop a 360 off the kicker and then others going over the full rainbow , finishing off with Deano hitting the wallride and that was one of the more crowd pleasing categories of the day.

The Pro Men and Women finished off the day, Tor Young and Chloe Goudie made it through to the Queen Final with Tor coming pretty close to landing her first Mobe, Hipnotics training paying its dividends! As for the men, with 2 heats and 12 riders the competition was fierce, massive tricks being thrown down, S-Mobes, Mobe 5s and the like, ending up with Cain taking 3rd, Connor 2nd and Lew Cornwall taking 1st. Meaning Connor and Lew enter the super final to fight out for the title of King. After busting out some more massive tricks, Tor and Lew came out as King and Queen for 2012 and took home the prize money.

A massive thanks to everyone that made it possible, Princes Club for letting all the fancy dress riders loose in their club house, Chris Bett and his cable staff as well as Tor Young and her crew of judges for the serious amount of hours they all put in over the weekend, and Mystic/Hyperlite for providing the prizes.
Photography by Jade Donaghey and Laura Anderson