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1)What year was it that you achieved your World Wakesurfing Title?
I’m really hoping I get this right, I took the title in 2010. 🙂

2)We hear you are going to school. What school, and what are you studying?  
I go to CSU Sacramento and I’m a Psychology major.

3)Have you ever dropped the line with the ladies you’re a World Wakesurfing Champ to pick them up?
I haven’t ever used that actually, but I might have to start using it. I typically just talk at them about nothing until they realize I’m a huge dork, if they don’t walk away I don’t need to brag about myself and come off like a tool.

4)With Wakesurfing do you have any new plans we should know about? 
I never really plan anything but the new Inland Surfer Flyboy for 2014 is looking and riding better than ever, that’s the latest thing. As far as riding and tricks I just ride and when I get bored with what I’m doing I’ll start thinking of the next trick I want to try.

5)We always like to hear what athletes would like to see with a sport. Give us some pros and cons with your thoughts on wakesurfing right now?
At this point, I just want to see the sport keep growing. Wakesurfing is such a small sport but with new people coming in and picking up the level of riding I think it is on the right path. The event organizers are doing their part as well. This last competition season had some of the best events I’ve ever attended.

6)How old, where, and what was it that got you hooked on wakesurfing? 
I started riding in 2003 so I was 11 coming up on 12 when I first got on a board. My parents and I would go to New Hogan, a small reservoir near my hometown every weekend to wakeboard. My dad was getting tired of wrecking on the wakeboard and picked up an old Shred Stixx from Jerry Price and we started surfing. It took until the first WWSC that I attended that year to get hooked completely. I
placed second and it lit a fire under me, I just had a drive to get better.

7)You had a serious run at the World Wakesurfing Championships that we saw. Looked like you had it, then something faltered. Give us a little insight to that run!? 
I wish I could tell you what happened, but I get into a zone and block everything out when I’m making a competition pass so I don’t even remember what I did in the run. I remember ending it and
knowing I should have done better but I can’t be too mad about taking second. It just pushed me to come back stronger next year.

8)Are you gunning for that elusive Kickflip like some of the athletes in wakesurfing or are you pushing in a different direction with your tricks? 
I can’t even kickflip a skateboard so I haven’t really tried it behind the boat. Besides my shins already hate me from being on dirtbikes my entire life. But I may start working on it soon, because I can’t Back Big a skateboard but I can on a wakesurfer.

9)Are you supersticious with your wakesurfing? Certain pair of trunks you wear, keep fins out till event in your board, or pre pack etc.?
I’m horribly superstitious outside of wakesurfing. I’ll freak out if salt spills and I won’t take my pocket knife back from someone until they close it and all kinds of crazy things. Once I’m on a board though I zone out and just care about riding.

10)When riding what music do you prefer?
I’m a huge Atmosphere fan and Aesop Rock and music along those lines. The flow fits my riding well but I sometimes mix it up with some dubstep or 90s pop/punk.

11)Tell us about the last trick you learned? Did music play a role with you sticking your trick. Do you gotta have a certain song playing, or no it does not matter? 
The last new trick I landed was a combo of a 360 into a shuv and riding out switch. I don’t really know if I had music playing or not. I was just screwing around that day. A friend of mine, Ryan, and his wife were out on the boat and he and I were messing with camera angles and I decided to try the combo and it worked out after a couple tries.

12)With studying and focusing on college right now as the main focus, has it made you think twice about being a pro wakesurfer? Do you foresee a future the industry?  Let us and the world know what James Walker is planing.
It gets crazy trying to juggle school, work, and wakesurfing. I only get to practice about 4 hours a month. I’ve gotten so stressed out and frustrated that I’ve wanted to give up competing multiple times but I haven’t walked away and I don’t know when I’ll ever step away from it. It’s a weird relationship I have with the sport. I get beyond livid with it but I can’t let go of it. I love the sport and the people involved too much. It’s a big crazy, slightly dysfunctional family and we all are there for the same reason, to have fun. My goal is to find a way into the business end of water sports, marketing preferable (I know nothing even close to Psychology) but I’m not really sure where my future will take me. I do plan on taking another WWSC title though.

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