Trying to talk about yourselves in front of a crowd is hard…

Last night was the world premiere of the highly-anticipated full-length film from Shredtown, “Drop the Gun.” With their signature RV on hand for both public display and as the stand for the projector, Andrew Adams, Chris Abadie, and Davis Griffin showed their labor of love (and blood, and sweat, and tears) Shredtown style: in a parking lot next to a warehouse in Orlando. With the warehouse rented out for the evening and serving up some Not Beer, along with DJ Drop Top in the house, the night was fun and festive. But the highlight was obviously the first public showing of “Drop the Gun.” Let’s just get this out of the way first, it will make your jaw hurt from hitting the floor so often. Keep in mind that this isn’t the wakeboarding you’re used to seeing in “normal” full-length videos. Take Shredtown’s best web clips from over the years, mash them together, multiply them by 10, and you get “Drop the Gun.” At first I was worried that the crowd wasn’t cheering very often throughout the showing, but then I realized that’s because we were all too busy trying to figure out how the hell the Texas threesome were doing what was being projected onto the giant wall. “Drop the Gun” features some of the most unique riding – and definitely the most unique approach to riding – the sport has ever seen. It is evident from the amount spots hit, the obstacles built, and the quality of every single trick that Andrew, Chris, and Davis put a ton of time into this thing.


Without giving too much away, here are a few of my highlights:

  • The opening crash reel, which really allows the viewer to understand some of what these guys do and the consequences that come with the territory
  • The intro to Davis’ section is one of the most well thought-out, executed, shot, and edited pieces of a section I’ve seen in a long, long time
  • Andrew’s transfers, Chris’ bomb drops, and the trio’s version of “dumpster diving” at the Shredtown complex

To put it simply, this is a video you have to watch, whether you’re a big fan of winching yourself or if you’ve never even seen a video of somebody winching. Wakeboarding continues to become more and more diverse and “Drop the Gun” is the perfect showcase for the front lines of that diversification. Do yourself a favor and head to www.shredtown.com to buy a DVD or iTunes to get it digitally.


Parks was there and ready to represent for the boys