Our sport is lucky to have innovative riders like Steel at the forefront of the next generation.  Also, he has a gorgeous smile. 

Worst things about your recent ruptured eardrum:

1)     People can look right into my head and see the actual size of my brain

2)     Head surgery

3)     I can now hear whispers from a mile away

4)     Looking like a cartoon character when I’m mad because steam comes out

5)     Not riding for a few weeks


Trends in wakeboarding:

1)     Wake Pants

2)     Double flips

3)     1080’s

4)     Wake Pants

5)     Huge wakes behind the X-Star


Things about having a 36-inch vertical:

1)     I actually got my vert cause I am short and always stand on my tippy toes when talking to girls…I talk to a lot of girls, so I can jump super high

2)     Respect from all the black people in the gym

3)     Parks always yelling at me to do a backflip while on stage

4)     Did you get the part about me talking to a lot of girls?

5)     Hopes of joining the NBA


Ways to spend your off-season:

1)     Playing bball

2)     Playing Golf

3)     Softball games with the crew

4)     Studying Nuclear Science

5)     Being home


Things you want to accomplish in 2013:

1)     Other than beating the game of monopoly…Nothing

2)     Coming out with Prime Wake Movie

3)     Releasing my Pro Model

4)     Getting recognized by Mila Kunis

5)     Keep on pushing wakeboarding in the right direction


Ways to pass time when traveling:

1)     Count your skymiles one by one

2)     Hit on the flight attendants

3)     Do hot laps up and down the isle

4)     Thinking about how I would become Jackie Chan and belly-land the plane if it was hijacked

5)     Sleep


Favorite wake tricks to watch:

1)     Josh Twelker- Mute Mobe

2)     Danny Harf – Toe Back 5

3)     Rathy – Osmosis anything

4)     Harley- Tail KGB

5)     Benny G- Pete


Favorite wake tricks to do:

1)     Indy T2B

2)     Nose back 3 to flats

3)     Late indy backside 180

4)     Toe nose 3

5)     Backside 540 late grab


Things about having the most uniquely designed XSTAR:

1)     It’s mine

2)     The ladies love it

3)     Insane wake

4)     Parks is jealous of it

5)     Look at all the notoriety I’m getting for it….


Thanks to Steel, MasterCraft riders must now have their boat designs approved by marketing