“As a non commercial/hobby filmmaker I’m stoked I had the chance to take a couple days off from work to capture this madness. In the early stages of Season 2017 Wakeport has chosen 8 Riders for a Session Wakeboarding rarely experienced so far. 3 days the chosen ones were given a private Park with 2 different and unique Feature Setups changed by the Wakeport Crew every day. All about Wakeboarding and coming together. no Pressure, no Competition. The Atmosphere, Creativity and the Riding you could witness during these days were one of its kind.Because everyone of us knows whenever you ride with your friends. MAGIC HAPPENS.” – marc fabisch

Riders: Rien Van der Pas, Jan Gnerlich, Philipp Burkhart, Max Balser, Nico Kauzner, Jascha Wonka, Dirk Van Esser, David Vervenne

Edit: Marc Fabisc
Film: Marc Fabisch / Andreas Wanner
Special Thanks to Unit Parktech for bringing the new HandRail Addon!
Music: WDL – Hurricane Highlife (ft. Mawe)
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