2016 Slider Spectacular had the biggest turn out in its fourteen year history with over 60 riders. Riding levels from beginner to Pro, the competition was there. This year was quite different introducing a new category, Jr. Pro for the riders 16 and under. Also OWC introduced a new judging system. Theboardr gave scores quicker to audience and riders and was able to view from a screen at the contest or any smart phone just after the heat. Check out all the action from this year and hope to see you next year!

Results: Beginner
1: Priscilla Cruz
2: Zach Jones
3: Amanda Sadowski

1: Sammy Hage
2: Hayden Carnes
3: Daniel Laskowski

1: Barrett Swope
2: Jesse Aponte
3: Tim McGee

1: Gavin Giglio
2: Jonathan Padron
3: John Goza

1: Jason Stuckey
2: Shannon Stuckey
3: Phil Sirech

1: Kaitlyn Adams
2: Chelsea Foy
3: Bailey Nadeau

Jr. Pro
1: Trent Stuckey
2: Tyler Higham
3: Gavin Stuckey

Pro Men
1: Guenther Oka
2: Jake Pelot
3: Liam Rundholz

Video from TimMcGee
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